Beef Fillet  
Plank steak,served on a wooden platter,  
with bearnaise sauce,rice,vegetables and  
pureed potatoes.  
Pepper steak  
with pepper sauce,rice,veg,potatoes.  
Steak Provencal,  
garlic sauce,mushrooms,rice,veg,potatoes  
Steak Mon Amour,  
cream, mushrooms, onions,madeira sauce,rice,  
vegetables and potatoes.  
Steak ala crème.  
with mushroom cream sauce,rice,veg,potatoes  
Steak Mexican.  
with fresh paprika and chilli sauce.rice,veg,potatoes  
Steak Diane  
served with rice,vegetables and potatoes.  
Beef Strogonoff.  
served with rice,vegetables and potatoes.  
Entrecote (Sirloin)
 Entrecote Hawaii.  
 with bearnaise sauce,rice,veg and potatoes  
Entrecote Pepper.  
with pepper sauce,rice,veg and potatoes.  
Entrecote Provencal.  
with garlic sauce, rice, veg and potatoes.  
Entrecote Mexican.  
with a fresh paprika and chilli sauce,served  
with rice,veg and potatoes.  
Entrecote ala crème.  
with mushroom cream sauce,rice,potatoes  
and vegetables.  
Entrecote Mon amour.  
cream,mushrooms,onion,madeira sauce,  
rice,veg. and potatoes.