Grilled Local Swordfish.*  
served with salad and potatoes  
Local Swordfish "Captain Greco"*  
sauteed with prawns,mushrooms,garlic,ouzo,  
cream and wine.With rice,salad and potatoes.  
Trout "Aphrodite".  
fresh Troodos Trout sauteed with prawns,  
mushrooms,ouzo and wine.Served with  
salad and potatoes.  
Salmon Sauteed in butter.*  
served with salad and potatoes  
Salmon "Victoria"*  
with dill, shrimps, salad and potatoes.  
Salmon " Ala  Chef"*  
with mushrooms,fresh peppers,garlic,cream,  
rice, vegetables and potatoes.  
Grilled King Prawns.*  
served with salad and potatoes.  
King Prawns "Provencal".*  
with garlic sauce,mushrooms,vegetables,  
rice and potatoes.  
King Prawns "Eleonora".*  
with curry sauce,banana, pineapple,rice,  
vegetables and potatoes.  
Kalamari.*Deep Fried or Grilled  
deep fried squid, served with salad, potatoes  
and tartar sauce.  
Grilled Seabream  
with salad and potatoes  
Grilled Sea Bass  
with salad and potatoes  
1/2 kilo black mussels  
1 kilo black mussels  
Fish Platter No1 For 2 Persons  
 half kilo black mussels ,half kilo king prawns&  
half kilo lobster.served with potates & salad  
Fish Platter No2  For 2 Persons  
kalamari ,oktopous& swordfish  
 served with potates & salad  
Fresh Local Fish Catch Of The Day  
direct from the fisherman's boat   
ask your waiter. price per kilo  
       *frozen goods/ Prices include vat/