Spaghetti or Penne  
Provencal*   with garlic sauce,  
 prawns and sweetcorn  
Pasta Curry  with chicken,  
curry sauce,pineapple,banana  
Garlic* with king Prawns and green Mussels  
Salmone*   with salmon,  
tomato sauce,fresh tomatos and basil  
Napolitana  tomato sauce,basil  
fresh tomatoes and garlic  
Vegetarian Provencale  
with Garlic sauce,mushrooms and sweetcorn  
Vegetarian ala Curry  
   with curry sauce,banana and pineapple  
"Ala Olio"  cooked in olive oil,  
      garlic,parsley and dry mint  
Lasagne bolognaise  served with salad  
Special PizzaMixed toppings.  
Margarita,Tomato sauce and cheese only.  
Hawaii,ham and pineapple topping  
Capricciossa,ham and mushroom topping  
Serena,with tuna fish,onion and paprika  
Venetsiana,with chicken,mushroom,paprika  
Cipole Fungi,with mushroom,  
Quatro,with mushroom,bacon,sweetcorn  
Cipriana,with halloumi,olives,mint  
Grekowith feta cheese,fresh tomato,onion  
     *frozen goods/ Prices include vat/