100% Beefburger  
Bacon & egg burger  
English breakfast  
 2 Eggs, 2 sausages,2 bacon  
plus tomato,beans, mushroom,2 toast,tea  
Eggs (2) and chips  
Eggs , Sausage and chips  
Eggs,bacon and chips  
(choice of ham, bacon,cheese  
mushrooms)served with chips and salad  
 Jacket ( baked ) potato,   
(choice of tuna,beans,  
prawns,cheese or sweetcorn)  
Toasted cheese  
Toasted ham and cheese  
Toasted Bacon or sausage  
Toasted Halloumi  
Toasties served with chips and salad garnish  
Pitta Bread   
 with Halloumi and salad  
 with Sausage  and salad  
 with Bacon and salad  
with Pork souvlaki and salad  
  with Chicken souvlaki and salad  
Portion of chips